Butch Voices on NPR!

Tune in to Butch Voices on NPR's Tell Me More, broadcasting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26th. Joe LeBlanc and Krys Freeman will be featured on tomorrow's episode.

From the opinions of global newsmakers to listeners' personal experiences of life-changing travel…the wisdom of renowned thinkers, activists and spiritual leaders…and intimate dispatches of daily life around the world from NPR News correspondents on the ground…the NPR talk show Tell Me More brings fresh voices and perspectives to public radio.

Capturing the headlines, issues and pleasures relevant to multicultural life in America, the daily one-hour series is hosted by award-winning journalist Michel Martin. Tell Me More marks Martin's first role in hosting a daily program. She views it as an opportunity to focus on the stories, experiences, ideas and people important in contemporary life but often not heard. 

Tell Me More's broadcast schedule near you:
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Butch Voices Updates

Updated Schedule Overview - now available

The host hotel, the Oakland Marriott City Center, has extended the reduced rate until the day of arrival at the hotel.  $109 a night!  Room shares and roll away beds help to reduce costs also.  Register today!


Modern Times Books

Butch Voices is thoroughly pleased to be able to partner with Modern Times Books, our official bookseller on-site at the Butch Voices Conference in Oakland.

Modern Times Books, located at 888 Valencia Street in San Francisco, is a progressive resource for the Bay Area and a neighborhood bookstore for the Mission. Collectively operated since 1971, we are a vibrant progressive and literary bookstore offering wide-ranging literature on globalization, politics and media, as well as an array of graphic novels, fiction, and criticism. We are proud to offer some of the best queer/trans and feminist sections of any bookstore in the Bay Area, and feature one of the Bay Area's most extensive collections of writings on Latina/o history and culture, including a full selection of 
Spanish language books. And did we mention our children's books? Modern Times also fosters a vital literary community with an exciting calendar of events, a blog, and community resources. We are a surviving, thriving indie bookstore in the face of chain stores and Amazon, a fiercely queer and radical community hotspot, and a place where independent literature is in bloom. We're proud to be Butch Voices official bookseller. We look forward to attendees checking out conference presenters' books and browsing a fine selection of books and magazines by and about butch lives, butch/femme cultures, identities and sexualities, queer and trans liberation, erotica and more! 

Adding Kimberly Peirce and Jack Halberstam to the Presenters Line-up

 We're adding two more amazing presenters to this already phenomenal line-up at the upcoming Butch Voices Conference. 
Joining Cheryl Dunye, Campbell, and Kortney Ryan Ziegler for the Is That Me on TV? session are: Kimberly Peirce and Jack Halberstam. Kimberly is best known as the award-winning writer/director of the films, Boys Don't Cry and Stop-Loss. She's also familiar navigating the business and media world as a self-identified butch. Jack is a professor of English and Gender Studies at USC, and also known for the books Female MasculinityIn a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives, as well as co-authoring with Del LaGrace Volcano for The Drag King Book
We are incredibly excited about the potential for this panel session on the images of Studs and Butches in the media, as well as the newly added session: Boys Don't Cry and Beyond: A Conversation Between Jack Halberstam and Kim Pierce. Details on this session and the revised conference schedule will be available on the website very soon. 
Is That Me on TV? is scheduled for Friday August 21st, and Boys Don't Cry and Beyond is scheduled for Saturday August 22nd.
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How You Can Help Butch Voices

 People have asked how they can help Butch Voices. 
There are the more direct methods like:
Register  to join us at the conference
Reserve your room at the host hotel
Volunteer your time at the conference
Donate funds directly to Butch Voices
And then there are other ways to help spread the word about Butch Voices
BUTCH Voices is VIRAL!


As any grassroots endeavor, word of mouth is by far the best (and most budget friendly) mode of advertisement.  We already have a buzz going about Butch Voices, let's amplify our reach.  A small contribution by each of us will make a sizeable difference. As such, we'd like to tap you for support in our Public Relations effort. 
Here are a few ways you can participate right now:



  • If you're on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace, help us by using one or all of the following as a status message to your social networks. Tweet this message to your friends and loved ones, letting them know you'll be joining us for the conference:







    • Support @BUTCHVoices! Book ur room **B4 July 31** - Oakland Marriot ($109/nite) 8.20-8.23 http://tr.im/BV09Hotel - GROUP code : "bvcbvca"
  • Make sure you've added our facebook page.  And please RSVP for the events listed to let others know that you will be participating. 

  • Also, note that Butch Voices has profiles on most social networks. We are grateful for all forms of positive endorsement from - adding our page to your top friends' lists, to endorsing and sharing links to images in our photo pool. We're where you are; let's connect our networks.      

So please help Butch Voices in any way that you can.  We appreciate your time, efforts, and financial donations in this first ever conference of its kind.  We're looking forward to seeing you all in Oakland in less than one month!