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Modern Times Books

Butch Voices is thoroughly pleased to be able to partner with Modern Times Books, our official bookseller on-site at the Butch Voices Conference in Oakland.

Modern Times Books, located at 888 Valencia Street in San Francisco, is a progressive resource for the Bay Area and a neighborhood bookstore for the Mission. Collectively operated since 1971, we are a vibrant progressive and literary bookstore offering wide-ranging literature on globalization, politics and media, as well as an array of graphic novels, fiction, and criticism. We are proud to offer some of the best queer/trans and feminist sections of any bookstore in the Bay Area, and feature one of the Bay Area's most extensive collections of writings on Latina/o history and culture, including a full selection of 
Spanish language books. And did we mention our children's books? Modern Times also fosters a vital literary community with an exciting calendar of events, a blog, and community resources. We are a surviving, thriving indie bookstore in the face of chain stores and Amazon, a fiercely queer and radical community hotspot, and a place where independent literature is in bloom. We're proud to be Butch Voices official bookseller. We look forward to attendees checking out conference presenters' books and browsing a fine selection of books and magazines by and about butch lives, butch/femme cultures, identities and sexualities, queer and trans liberation, erotica and more! 

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