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How You Can Help Butch Voices

 People have asked how they can help Butch Voices. 
There are the more direct methods like:
Register  to join us at the conference
Reserve your room at the host hotel
Volunteer your time at the conference
Donate funds directly to Butch Voices
And then there are other ways to help spread the word about Butch Voices
BUTCH Voices is VIRAL!


As any grassroots endeavor, word of mouth is by far the best (and most budget friendly) mode of advertisement.  We already have a buzz going about Butch Voices, let's amplify our reach.  A small contribution by each of us will make a sizeable difference. As such, we'd like to tap you for support in our Public Relations effort. 
Here are a few ways you can participate right now:



  • If you're on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace, help us by using one or all of the following as a status message to your social networks. Tweet this message to your friends and loved ones, letting them know you'll be joining us for the conference:







    • Support @BUTCHVoices! Book ur room **B4 July 31** - Oakland Marriot ($109/nite) 8.20-8.23 http://tr.im/BV09Hotel - GROUP code : "bvcbvca"
  • Make sure you've added our facebook page.  And please RSVP for the events listed to let others know that you will be participating. 

  • Also, note that Butch Voices has profiles on most social networks. We are grateful for all forms of positive endorsement from - adding our page to your top friends' lists, to endorsing and sharing links to images in our photo pool. We're where you are; let's connect our networks.      

So please help Butch Voices in any way that you can.  We appreciate your time, efforts, and financial donations in this first ever conference of its kind.  We're looking forward to seeing you all in Oakland in less than one month!

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